Day 44: Logic Gates

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So, aaj hum computer system architecture mein logical gates ke baare mein study karenge,

Let's get started...

Boolean algebra has 3 operations basically, which are AND, OR, and NOT, it corresponds to the electronic circuit as AND, OR, and NOT Gates. 
AND is represented as .
OR is represented as +
NOT is represented as '

AND, OR, and NOT Gates ki help se hum Boolean functions ke logical diagram ko design kar sakte hain. 

Logic Gates
Gates for designing logical cirucits

Note that- NAND and NOR Gates are called Universal Gates, because other gates can be derived from NAND and NOR Gates, Other gates can be - AND, OR, NOT, XOR, XNOR. 

Logical gates mein hum various inputs de sakte hain and it produces one output as function.

For an example
Design a logical diagram for the function


So, the logical diagram of the above function F is as follows-
logic gate function
Here, X' means complement of X, and so on. Here, ' means complement.

X'Y, XY' represented as X' and Y, and X and Y'.

+ represents OR gate.

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