Day 39: Memory Peripheral Devices

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So, after input and output peripheral devices, we will study about Memory peripheral devices.

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Peripheral devices wo devices hote hain jo ki system ke saath externally connect kiye jate hain so that computer se information li ja sake and computer ko information di ja sake. 

  • Memory means storage space jisme sab kuch save kiya jata hai and store karaya jata hai.
  • Jab user input devices se system ko input deta hai, then wo memory mein ja kar store ki jati hai.
  • Then, wo input ko process kiya jata hai so that output can be produced.
  • Their is a difference between memory and storage,
  • Memory refers to the amount of RAM installed in the computer, and
  • Storage refers to the capacity of computer hard disk.
  • The various secondary storage devices are as follows-
  1. Magnetic Tape
  2. Magnetic Disk
  3. Floppy Disk
  4. Hard Disk
  5. CD-ROM

  • Magnetic Tape basically data ko store karne ke liye use hoti hai.
  • It is basically a tape, and use to store large amount of data and always used with large computer systems.
  • Tape drives ko use kiya jata hai actual writing and reading of data ke liye.
  • It is easy to transport, store, and less expensive than disk.
  • Tape drives are basically the best backup medium for PCs.
  • Its highest capacity is 1TB data storage and can lasts for atleast 10 years.

  • It is sequential access storage device.
  • Magnetic disk mein basically plates hoti hai jisme data ko store karaya jata hai.
  • The main components of magnetic disk are-
  1. Track
  2. Disk block
  3. Sectors disk head
  4. Platter
  5. Cylinder 
  6. Disk controller
  7. Seek time
  8. Rotational delay, etc.

  • Floppy Disk is also called Diskette.
  • It is a flexible plastic disk which is used to store data magnetically.
  • Floppy disk basically ek thin plastic sheet ki tarah hoti hai, jisme hum data ko store karte hain.
  • It stores small amount of data and therefore is mostly replaced by CD-ROMs. 
  • Floppy disks are portable and can be removed from disk drive.
  • Floppy disk mein long period ke liye data ko store nahi kiya jata and iski storage capacity bhi less hoti hai.

  • Hard Disk also known as HDD(Hard Disk Drive), Hard Drive, Fixed Disk Drive.
  • Hard Disk mein large amount of data ko store karaya jata hai.
  • HDD ko basically general purpose computers ke liye develop kiya gya tha, but now,
  • HDD applications expanded to include-
  1. Digital Video Recorders,
  2. Digital Audio Players
  3. Personal Digital Assistants
  4. Digital Camera, and so on.
  • HDD is also in mobile phones and In 2005, the first mobile phone including HDD was introduced by Nokia and Samsung. 
  • The components of HDD are - 
  1. Platters 
  2. Spindle
  3. Spindle Motor
  4. The Head/Write Head
  5. Head Actuator

5. CD-ROM -
  • CD-ROM stands for Compact Disk Read Only Memory.
  • CD-ROM is used to read the data stored on plastic compact disk from pits and lands.
  • It stores large amount of data.
  • It is same as the audio CDs technology.
  • The Read Only drives can retrieve data from CD-ROM but cannot save new data to it.
  • DVD-ROM(Digital Video Disk-ROM) is same as CD-ROM but its capacity is large.
  •  It stores data starting at 4.7 GB.

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