Day 38: Output Peripheral Devices

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During last lecture, we have study about the peripheral devices and input devices, now,

Let's study about the Output devices...

Peripheral Devices basically wo devices hote hain jo ki externally attach kiye jate hain system ke saath and computer ko data transfer karne ke liye use kiye jate hain.

  • Output devices wo device hote hain jiski help se computer hume output or result provide karta hai.
  • So, Output devices are the inter-mediator between user and the computer.
  • User data ko computer mein feed karta hai and computer ko instructions deta hai, computer usse process karne ke baad user ko output or result provide kar deta hai.
  • Jis devices se computer user ko result provide karta hai, wo output devices hote hain.
  • Output can be produced as a softcopy(that cannot be touched) or a hardcopy(that can be touched).
  • The various output devices are as follows-
  1. Monitor
  2. Projector
  3. Printer
  4. Speaker
  5. Plotters

  • Monitor is the standard output device.
  • Monitor is a display output device, which displays the result on the screen.
  • It converts the electronic signals into visual display.
  • It can display text, images, videos, graphics, and so on.
  • Monitors can be - CRT Monitors(uses CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) technology), Flat CRT Monitors(screen is flat), LCD Monitors(uses LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) for display), Plasma Panel Display.

  • Projector is an output device which is used for presentations basically.
  • Projector ko system ke saath attach karke widely display karaya jata hai.
  • Projector is an optical output device.
  • Projector takes the data to be display and display on wall, screen or another surface.

  • Printer is an output device that produces output as a print-out on a piece of paper.
  • It produces the hard copy as output.
  • Printer ko system ke saath attach karke user apne documents ka print-out hard copy ki form mein le sakta hai.
  • Printers types are as follows-
  1. Character Printer - It prints one character at a time.
  2. Line Printer - It prints one line at a time.
  3. Page Printer - It prints one page at a time.
  4. Impact Printer - It works like typewriters, by hammering on characters on the paper. For example, Dot Matrix Printer, Daisy Wheel Printer, Drum Printer, Chain Printer.
  5. Non-Impact Printer - It does not works like typewriters, it uses laser, electromagnetic technologies. For example, Inkjet Printer, Laser Printer, Thermal Printer, Electro-Resistive Printer.

  • Computer speakers are basically output device which produces sound.
  • Computer system mein music ke liye speakers ko use kiya jata hai.
  • Some systems have built-in speakers, like laptops, and some have additional speakers such as computers. 

  • Plotters basically printers ki tarah kaam karte hain, means print-out lene ke kaam aate hain , but
  • Plotters are used to print on large size of paper.
  • Plotter is a vector graphic printing device.
  • Plotters ke 2 types hote hain, pen plotters and electrostatic plotters.
  • Plotter is basically used to print graphical plots, 
  • Basically plotters are used to print the banners and flex also.

Next, we will study about Memory Peripheral Devices.

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