Day 37: Input Peripheral Devices

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Peripheral devices topic is most basic and important and is topic se questions mostly exam mein aate hain. 

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  • Peripheral basically is piece of computer hardware which is added to host computer. 
  • In simple words, peripheral devices wo devices hote hain jo ki externally computer se attach kiye jate hain and are optional basically, for example printer, scanner, USB, etc.. 
  • Monitors and disk drives are not considered as Peripheral devices because these devices are mandatory and not optional.
  • However, video capture cards are sometimes not considered as Peripheral devices because they are added inside the computer.
  • So, peripheral devices wo hote hain jo externally add kiye jate hain computer mein, such as WiFi cards.
  • Basically peripheral devices wo devices hote hain jo ki computer ko information dene and computer se information lene mein kaam ate hain.
  • Common Peripheral Devices are as follows-
  1. Input Devices
  2. Output Devices
  3. Storage Devices

  • Input devices wo device hote hain jiski help se hum computer ko input dete hain means instructions provide karte hain. 
  • So, input devices are the inter-mediator between user and the system.
  • For example, Keyboard, keyboard se hum jo bhi type krte hain wo as an instruction computer perform karta hai. 
  • The Input Devices are as follows-
  1. Text input devices - Keyboard, Punch Cards, Paper tapes, etc.
  2. Graphical input devices - Scanner, OCR, OMR, MICR, Barcode Reader, Digitizer, Digital Camera.
  3. Cursor Control input devices - Mouse, Joystick, Trackball, Light Pen.
  4. Sound input device - Microphone.

  • Keyboard is an input device. 
  • Keyboard mein various keys hoti hai, jiski help se hum computer ko input provide karte hain, whether input from single key(V), whether combination(Ctrl+V). 
  • Keyboard is introduced after the typewriters and keyboard typewriter model ko follow karke bnaya gya hai. 
  • Keyboards can be different types depending on keys.
  •  Keyboards are used in word processor, text editor, gaming, give commands to Operating System.
  • The keys in keyboard basically are - Alphanumeric, Space Bar, Modifier, Enter/Return Key, Navigation and typing mode keys, Lock keys, System command keys, Escape key, Menu.

  • Punch cards are also called Punched Cards.
  • Punch card mein ek piece of paper hota hai jisme various holes hote hain, ye holes digital information ko represent karte hain.
  • Keypunch machine ki help se holes ko punch kiya jata hai and then card reader ki help se use computer mein feed kiya jata hai.
  • Standard punch card mein 80 columns hote hain, and each column holds one character.
  • Punched cards were used in early 19th and 20th century.
  • Now, some voting machines use punch cards.

  • Paper tapes are also known as Punched Tape.
  • Punched tape basically ek tape hoti hai jisme various holes hote hain.
  • It is basically used for data storage.
  • One meter of 8-channel tape can contain about 400 bytes of data.
  • Tape is 1-inch wide with 8 information holes.
  • Punched tapes data ko store karne ke liye use ki jati hai.
  • Now, these are mostly used for parity check of errors. 

  • Scanner is an input device which is used to scan a document.
  • Scanner documents ko digital form mein convert kar deta hai and computer mein store kar deta hai so that it can be used further.
  • Scanner basically analog values ko digital values mein convert karta hai, analog values is hard copy and digital value is the scanned copy in the computer.
  • Scanner uses CCD(Charged Coupled Device) technology, jab document ko scan kiya jata hai, it is passed through mirror and lenses, the light is reflected off.
  • Scanners are measured in Dpi, Dots per inch. 
  • The best resolution monitor can display is 72 dpi.

  • OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition.
  • It is also known as Optical Character Reader
  • OCR basically ek software hota hai jo scanner mein use kiya jata hai.
  • Scanner document ki information ko digital information mein transfer kar deta hai, so computer ki understanding ke liye OCR use kiya jata hai so that computer can understand the text.
  • OCR ki help se hum document ke characters ko read kar sakte hai.
  • It is widely used for passport documents, invoices, bank statements, etc.

  • OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader.
  • OMR can read the marks(pencil or pen marks) in the surveys or test answer forms.
  • Multiple choice questions mein only 1 correct option ko mark karna hota hai,if the test held on the hard-copy paper then there are so many test forms which cannot be checked manually, therefore OMR are used.
  • OMR mein har ek question ke correct option ko feed kar diya jata hai, then digitally test forms can be checked.  
  • OMR ke scanner hopper mein answer sheets ko rakh diya jata hai, and then OMR check the answers, note- Place 200 forms or less at a time, otherwise the scanner can jam.

  • MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.
  • MICR basically cheque mein use kiya jata hai.
  • Cheque ke bottom mein jo number diya hota hai wo MICR scan karta hai.
  • MICR mein only numbers hote hain, alphabets nahi hote.
  • Basically 9 numbers hote hain, jisme first three numbers would be City code, then next three will be Bank Code, then last three will be Bank Branch.
  • For example, 110 993 221, suppose this is an MICR code placed in bottom of cheque, then 110 shows city code, 993 shows the bank code and lastly 221 shows the branch of the bank.
  • Jab bhi bank mein cheque deposit kiya jata hai, then use ek scanning machine se scan and check kiya jata hai, so basically the MICR code is checked.

  • Bar code means ek unique code jo ki har ek product ki packing par hota hai.
  • So bar-code reader is basically a device which is used to read the barcodes.
  • Basically bar-code reader device is at Malls, Showrooms.
  • Bar code humans ke liye understandable nahi hota hai, ise barcode reader ki help se scan and understand kiya jata hai, then the information is feed into the system.
  • Barcode readers can be of different types- Pen type Readers, Laser Scanners, CCD Readers, Camera-based readers.

  • Digitizer basically are used by the architects.
  • Architects draw drawings of their planned structure on paper sheet,then 
  • Digitizer is used to scan over the drawing and input the various co-ordinate positions.
  • Digitizer converts analog information into digital form.

  • Digital camera is camera from which we click pictures.
  • Digital camera is also an input device because it gives input to the computer.
  • It also converts analog information to a digital information.
  • Digital camera is not like film camera,
  • Because digital camera mein hum pictures ko click karne ke baad hi use dekh sakte hain and store or delete kar sakte hain.
  • The storage and deletion is done on memory.

  • Mouse is a standard input device.
  • It shapes like mouse thus it is called as Mouse.
  • It is a pointing device from which we give input to the system.
  • Mouse has left button, right button, wheels at the bottom, but now, wheels has been replaced by laser.
  • Jab hum mouse ki position ko change karte hai, then display mein pointer ki position mein bhi same changes hote hai, which allows GUI(Graphical User Interface).
  • Now, wireless mouse have been introduced which works on infrared beam.

  • Joystick basically ek input device hai jo ki gaming ke liye use kiya jata hai.
  • Joystick also used in many aircraft and military jets.
  • Joystick mein stick, base, trigger, buttons, switches hote hain.
  • Video game mein input dene ke liye joysticks use kiye jate hain.
  • Iske above elements ki help se system ko input di jati hai.

  • Trackball is same like mouse, but trackball mein top par ek ball like surface hota hai jisse hum input dete hain.
  • Touch pad se pehle trackball use ki jati thi, because
  • Mouse ko agar use karein to uske liye ek surface chahiye use move karne ke liye, 
  • But trackball ek device hai jiske upar ball lagi hoti hai so that input di ja sake.
  • User can roll the ball by his thumb, finger or palm. 
  • Large trackballs are used on CAD(Computer Aided Design) workstations.

  • Light pen is input device, is a stylus used to point or draw on screen.
  • Light pen LCD screens projectors par kaam nahi karta.
  • It can work with CRT displays.
  • Light pen basically presentations dene ke liye use kiya jata hai.
  • Isme light sensors ko detect karti hai and basically used to select, point out and draw, or modify something on the screen.

  • Microphone is basically used to capture the sound.
  • It is an input device as it capture the sound and then send the data for processing by the system.
  • Microphones are used in- telephones, tape recorders, television broadcasting, computers for recording voice, VoIP, and so on.
  • Microphone is an input device as well as an output device.
  • Jab microphone sound ko capture karta hai then it is input device, jab microphone sound ko produce karta hai, then it is an output device.

Next, we will discuss about output and memory devices. 

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