Day 31: Tree vs Graph

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Aaj hum basic topic tree vs graph ko study karenge which is an important topic to understand. 

Let's get started....
  • Graph is diagram or drawing which is collection of nodes and edges. 
  • Tree is also a collection of nodes and edges. 
  • But graph and tree mein yeh difference hai ki tree mein cycles nahi hote and graph has cycles. 
  • Tree with cycles is known as Graph or a Graph without cycles is known as tree.
  • Cycle means the path in which the starting and ending vertex is same. 
  • For example, ek tree hai, uski nodes ka path only from parent node to child node hi hota hai, ek chlid node cycle form nahi kar sakti, for example,tree
  • In above tree, agar hum B to B path find karenge, then it is not possible in tree because, hum B to B path define nahi kr sakte, means it is not cycle.Hum only B to A, B to D, B to E, path ko hi define kar sakte hain. Agar hume B to B path chahiye, then B to D and then D to E and then E to B hoga, but D and E mein edge hi nahi hai connect karne ke liye, so it cannot make cycle. 
  • Ab agar hum above graph mein kisi bhi node ka path find karenge then wo cycle ki form mein hoga. For example, agar hum B to B path find karenge then it form cycle and path is {B,<BC>,C,<CD>,D,<DB>,B} ab ye path define ho gya. 
  • So, it is very simple that agar cycle ban raha hai nodes mein, then it is graph otherwise it is tree. 

Next we will see the types of graphs,

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