Day 1: Basic Full Forms

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So, today's our topic is the basic full forms in the computer education which plays a major role in the UGC NET exam.
Let's get started...

  1. COMPUTER- Common Operating Machine Purposely Used For Technological and Educational Research.
  2. VIRUS- Vital Information Resources Under Seize.
  3. WWW- World Wide Web.
  4. USB- Universal Serial Bus.
  5. RAM- Random Access Memory.  
  6. ROM- Read Only memory.
  7. MODEM- Modulator-Demodulator.
  8. Wi-Fi- Wireless Fidelity.
  9. ISO- International Organization for Standardization.
  10. TLB- Translation Look-Aside Buffer. TLB is basically a memory cache which is used to store the recent activity from virtual memory to physical memory.
  11. ICANN- Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
  12. JVM- Java Virtual Machine.
  13. RISC- Reduced Instruction Set Computer.
  14.  DES- Data Encryption Standard.
  15. AES- Advanced Encryption Standard.
  16. XML- eXtensible Markup Language.
  17. PHP- Hypertext Preprocessor ( earlier called as Personal Home Page).
  18. Protocols-
  • TCP/IP- Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.
  • FTP- Files Transfer Protocol.
  • HTTPS- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
  • SNMP- Simple Network Management Protocol.
  • SOAP- Simple Object Access Protocol.
  • TLS- Transport Layer Security.
  • POP3- Post Office Protocol version 3.
  • UDP- User Datagram Protocol.
   19. ISDN- Integrated Services Digital Network.
   20.Character Sets-   
         ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Contains 128 characters.
         ANSI-  American National Standards Institute. Contains 256 characters. Default in MS Windows.
         ISO-8859-1- International Organization for Standerdization. Contains 256 characters. Default in HTML 4.
         UTF-8- Unicode Transformation Format. 8 means it uses 8-bit block to represent a character. Contains all characers and symbols. Default in               HTML5.
   21. GPRS- General Packet Radio Service. It is wireless data communication service for mobile communications(2G and 3G).
   22. GSM- Global System for Mobiles communication. It is the replacement of 1G and the 2G protocols are introduced.


  Dear Students, the above are some snapshots from previous years question papers. Every year the full form based questions is there and last time i.e. December 2019 paper there are 3 questions of the full forms. 

Do solve the above questions and answer them with honesty.

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