Common Guidelines . Students must read it.

Hello Dear Students,

    Hope you all are doing good. Just 2 days to go with our learning. 

We have 2 sessions experience and now starting another successful teaching standard from a new basis again on 01 April 2020. 

We will cover the whole syllabus of paper 2(Computer Science and Applications) totally free. We will cover all the fundamentals topics and solve the previous years question papers. 

From every topic covered, we will see it's related questions from previous years and then solve and understand that.  

We understand that covering whole syllabus suddenly puts the burden and the bulk of it really put you in demotivate and negligence. So, taking this in consideration, we will cover each topic a day. Our team will upload a daily basis topics learning with a wide understanding and knowledge.  

You just need to do is that daily read out, follow and understand the lectures and if any query is there just let us know by your comments. If you feel any hesitation to publicly comment then just fill out the contact form as it is fully private and only we can see your queries. 

Best of Luck Students,